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Continuous Dry Fractionation Technology iConFrac

Today, continuous fractionation of palm oil is rightly regarded as the future of dry fractionation technology. True to its technological leadership, after many years of extensive R&D and industrial validation with selected partners, Desmet Ballestra has introduced iConFracTM to the global market, a real continuous fractional crystallization technology, and an exclusive answer to the industry’s demand for enhancing plant performance with lower energy consumption, day in, day out.

Due to a smart reconception and proper re-engineering of the original MoBulizerTM crystallizer design, these crystallizers can now work 24/7 as effective plug-flow crystallizers, delivering the highest quality fractions at a minimal refrigeration cost. Indeed, for many commodity oil processes, this truly innovative development will thus offer considerable advantages over many batch operated systems: capacity increase, reduced inter-batch variability, improved filtration properties of the crystals and a substantial energy saving. In combination with a transparent process control and fully-automated equipment, iConFracTM is a true state-of-the-art fractionation technology.

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Capture decran 2013-09-09 a 13.11.28

 Crystal spherulites of RBD Palm Oil formed with MoBulizer™



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  • minimal operator intervention required
  • High energy savings
  • Excellent cold stability properties f the olein
  • increased olein yields