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Food, Feed & Biofuel
  • Oilseeds, Oils & Fats
  • Rosedowns pressing
  • Stolz animal feed & Agro food 
  • Oleochemicals, HVO & Biodiesel

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Effective on 01 August 2022, Desmet Ballestra Group has sold to Alfa Laval the businesses related to Desmet, Stolz and Rosedowns perimeters, including: edible oils; oil presses; feed milling equipment; and other similar businesses. For any queries related to the above, please click on:
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Chemicals for life
  • Detergents & Surfactants
  • Mazzoni LB Soap
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers


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For all other businesses related to Ballestra, Mazzoni and Buss Chemtech perimeters, such as: surfactants; detergents; soap; sulphuric & phosphoric acid, fertilizers, gas-liquid reactions through Buss loop-reactor; hydrogen and aluminum fluoride, please click on