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20191025 110101

DB South America reports the successful start-up of a new E-ComyserTM of very large capacity in Argentina, in one of the factories of a key account customer.

This new E-ComyserTM allows a steam saving of 9.000 kg of steam per hour, meaning a saving of 19 kg Steam per Ton of processed seed.

With a minimum of ancillary equipment the total installation cost was very limited, with as a result a pay back period of the E-ComyserTM below 18 months.

This new patented device is a plug-in concept that can be installed in any crushing plant with rotary steam tube cooker or rotary steam tube meal dryer.

The DB Group R&D policy is based on constant product development & improvement in order to increase the product quality & yield, the plant safety and further improve the performances and the operating costs.

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