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Groupe Avril have selected the Sterling 900 Series pre-press for their Expur plant in Slobozia, Romania.

The intake of 850 tonnes per day of sunflower seed will be handled by the 900 Series press, which will replace a number of older machines in the Slobozia plant. The Sterling 900 Series is the world's largest capacity pre-press and this will be the first Sterling 900 Series press to be manufactured by Rosedowns.

The Sterling 900 Series is the latest development of the Sterling Series, designed to process up to 930 Tonnes per day of Rapeseed or 850 tonnes/day of Sunflower... it is the largest model in the Sterling
Series range, which includes the 100, 200, 400, 600 and 800 Series.

The Sterling 900 Series has the same footprint as the 800 Series and can therefore be considered for an increase of plant capacity with limited infrastructure investment.

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