Science Behind Technology


Desmet Ballestra has contributed to the development and improvement of the REG (Renewable Energy Group) plant, Biodiesel production facility in Danville, Illinois. The Project included a continuous Selective Biodiesel Distillation (SBD) plant, designed to produce Biodiesel meeting both European and US quality standards, starting from crude methyl ester. 

The Plant configuration included these three main process units:

  • Methylester distillation
  • Tempered water cooling system
  • Tertiary pitches distiller

The values of REG to have a “Durable, Reliable and Profitable Facility” and their motivation to improve energy security, environmental protection and economic growth, made it become “one of the best plant in the country” as it has been announced.

Desmet Ballestra prides itself in accomplishing the client’s expectations, by considering their values and vision. Client’s satisfaction is an aim that we always want to achieve and Desmet Ballestra confirms once again its commitment in being efficient and effective, by fulfilling the client’s request




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