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Desmet Ballestra Oils & Fats has organized Short Courses in Cairo (Egypt) on 28-29 November 2016 at Fairmont Towers Hotel at the occasion of the 70 years anniversary of Desmet Ballestra.

Following Short Courses have been presented to a large audience of customers.

- Nano Neutralisation 
- Enzymatic Oil Refining 
- Soybean processing 
- Sunflower processing 
- Rotary Cooker/Dryer & heat recovery 
- Review on Bleaching Technology 
- Multistock Deodorising Continuous Evolution 
- Cotton processing - From Full Press to Pre-Press 
- Residual Oil Content & Hexane Loss 
- Qualistock & Continuous Deodorising 
- Mitigating 3MCPD & GE at the Refineries 
- Extractor LLL, Reflex,LM 
- Dimax DTDC & Distillation 
- IConfrac: Continuous Dry Fractionation 
- Chemical & Enzymatic Interesterification 
- Lecithin Drying 
- Automation & Safety in SEP

The presentations has been given by the following Desmet Ballestra key people:

Mr. Olivier Hanne, Global Sales Director, Desmet Ballestra Belgium 
Mr. Vincent Fiers, Product Manager Refining, Desmet Ballestra Belgium 
Mr. David de Schaetzen, Division Technology Support-Crushing, Desmet Ballestra Belgium 
Mr. Nawzad Tofec, Area Manager Customer Service, Desmet Ballestra Belgium 
Mr. Saïd Chahboune, Area Sales Manager, Desmet Ballestra Belgium 
Mr. Mohamed Ismail, Commercial Manager, Union Co, Egypt 
Mr. Mohamed Waly, General Manager, Union Co, Egypt

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