Science Behind Technology

Desmet Ballestra has a global operations team equipped to service our customer's needs around the world.  The majority of our seed preparation, solvent extraction, oil refining, fat modification, biodiesel and oleochemical equipment is manufactured in China and India under the watchful eye of our quality assurance team stationed throughout our subcontract workshops.  

We also have a global network of logistics experts who work closely with our procurement and quality teams to insure our equipment is properly prepared and shipped to its final destination.  As an example our our global operations capabilities, below is a short video taken by one of our freight forwarders at Shanghai port showing the loading of an 18.5 m diameter Reflex Extractor (395 tons), a 7.0 m diameter Dimax Desolventiser Toaster (275 tons) and a 7.0 m diameter Dryer Cooler (95 tons).

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