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05/03/2013 Riverina Oils & Bio Energy Pty Ltd (ROBE), Australia

The Australian company Riverina Oils & Bio Energy Pty Ltd (ROBE) has awarded its confidence to Desmet Ballestra for the building of a state-of-the-art integrated oilseeds crushing (preparation and extraction) and refining plant with a crushing capacity of 500 tonnes of oilseeds per day. This plant is designed to process multiple seeds such as sunflower and canola.

ROBE will produce 200 tonnes of refined vegetable oil and 300 tonnes of vegetable protein meal per day for the poultry, dairy and animal feed industries.

Delivered by the Desmet Ballestra Group through its Indian Business Unit, this plant is one of the largest value added investments in the agri/food sector in regional Australia in last 5 years, a market that exports oilseed but imports both edible oil and protein meal.

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