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serptec sr4000 in 640x480 v1aThe Germany-based company SERPTEC is joining Desmet Rosedowns, bringing over 30 years of expertise in spare parts for the rendering industry.

Together with the know-how of Rosedowns, the state-of-the-art expertise of SERPTEC is consolidating Desmet Ballestra manufacturing activities and market presence in the field of spare parts and services for screw presses. But most of all, it allows our Group to address the rendering market with the support of a well-established dedicated team.

Founded by Dr. Ernst Wilhelm and Lennard Münch and today managed by the latter, SERPTEC represents a significant contribution to Desmet Ballestra ambition to become a leading screw press seller and service provider for the rendering business. As Lennard states, “our mission being now a part of the Group is fulfilling these goals by forming a team together with Rosedowns, having always the focus on becoming the leading screw press seller and service provider for the rendering business.”

For Giuseppe Di Carpegna, head of Desmet Ballestra Manufacturing division, “the acquisition of Serptec will further strengthen our position in a market where Rosedowns has invested and grown significantly over the past few years. It also provides us with a strategic location to better serve the customers of Central and Northern Europe in both rendering and vegetable oil industries.”

The cooperation between Rosedowns and SERPTEC engineering teams also increases the Group capability to provide innovative and efficient solutions to improve the performances of new and existing presses. As a first result of this newborn synergy between teams, the first issue of a new press for rendering purposes has recently been delivered to a German customer.

Called SR4.000, this screw press is an example of how both Rosedowns and SERPTEC can make the best of their respective knowledges around a common goal: serving the needs of customers with safe and efficient solutions.

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