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telechargementDesmet Ballestra S.p.A. (Italy) and Desmet Ballestra India Pvt Ltd, have been awarded the contract for the turnkey supply of a new Film Sulphonation plant having a capacity of 3.000 Kg/h as 100% AM from LAB and equipped with a 72-tube Multitube Falling Film Reactor to the company Power Soaps Private Ltd - India. The plant will be located in Pondicherry, Chennai and will be designed and equipped for the production of all major anionic surfactants used in household and personal care industry.

This is the first turnkey project supplied by the Desmet Ballestra Group in India thanks to the strict cooperation between Desmet Ballestra India Pvt and Desmet Ballestra S.p.A.

Desmet Ballestra S.p.A. is the world-leading company in the design, manufacturing and supply of surfactant plants for the detergent industry and, thanks to this new contract, confirms its technological leadership in the Indian market where it is present since the sixties.

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