Science Behind Technology

Desmet Ballestra will participate at the Smart Short Courses organized in the frame of the AOCS Congress that will take place 4-5th May 2019.

Desmet Ballestra will present following lectures

Fundamentals of Edible Oil Processing / Saturday, May 4, 2019

State of the Art in Edible Oil Fractionation
Véronique Gibon, Science Manager, Desmet Ballestra, Belgium

New Techniques in Edible Oil Processing and Refinery Optimization / Sunday, May 5, 2019

The advantage of nano-neutralization in oil refining
Leon Pablo Espinosa, Sales Manager, Desmet Ballestra , North America

How a large reflex extractor can obtain low ROC on soya flakes/expandates
Anibal Demarco, Technical Manager, Desmet Ballestra, Argentina

Latest developments in deodorization
Wim De Greyt, R&D Manager, Desmet Ballestra, Belgium

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