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Desmet Ballestra will be present at FENAGRA on stand B19, to be held on 15-16 May 2019 in Campinas (SP), Brazil.

The FENAGRA - International Fair Agribusiness is the junction of six major events in the same place and time. Inside the Pavilion Expo Dom Pedro (Campinas - SP) will have the Fenagra (International Fair of rendering plants), Pet Food Expo, Expo Aqua Feed, Animal Feed Expo and Expo Oil & Fat. Thus we have the main trade fair of Animal Nutrition and Human Nutrition industry together. We cover important sectors of the Brazilian economy: Biodiesel, Refrigerators and rendering plants, Animal Nutrition - Pet Food, Aqua Feed and Animal Feed, Oil Industry and Vegetable Fats, Grains and derivatives.

The event will receive a highly select public, made up of professionals who work in industries, professors, researchers and students interested in the area of oils and fats, as well as professionals in related fields.

On 15th of May, at 10.45, our Refining Product Manager from Desmet Ballestra Belgium, Alan Paine, will give a lecture on Deodorizer energy and the trend towards lower temperatures and pressures.

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