Science Behind Technology

Desmet Ballestra and Mazzoni LB have jointly signed contracts for the supply of a new Detergent Powder plant and a Soap production plant to the company Aspira located in Kano area, Nigeria.

The new factory will be designed to produce up to 80.000 ton/y of detergent powder and 48.000 ton/y of soap and, besides strengthening the leading position of Desmet Ballestra/Mazzoni LB in this important African market, constitutes the first result of the marketing synergies between Desmet Ballestra and Mazzoni LB after the merging of the two companies.

This is the second project awarded by Aspira to Desmet Ballestra and Mazzoni LB in a few years’ time and it is the proof of the appreciation of the Desmet Ballestra/Mazzoni LB technology and service by the client.


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