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The 2nd International : Sunflower Oil Summit: Science & Industry.

July 11, 2017Odessa, Ukraine

Hotel "Black sea" (Shevchenko Park)

Welcome to the 2nd International Sunflower Oil Summit: Science & Industry. It will be held on July 10-12, Odessa, Ukraine. This event will gather the leading operators of sunflower oil market – exporters from Black Sea, Europe and South America, importers from Asia, technologists and processors.

During the past 10 years, Ukraine has the biggest sunflower oil production increase, which is now the largest sunflower oil production country around the world. And Odessa, owns plenty of sunflower field, providing abundant feedstock for the oil production.

The theme of this conference is science and industry. It is aimed at encouraging and promoting communications between and among sunflower oil producers, industry groups, academic researchers and local governments; impelling establishment of the international scientific standard of sunflower oil and value added products of sunflower seed; enhancing the added value of sunflower oil application field ; continuously providing the detailed information about the usage and nutrition of sunflower oil, contributing to the development of sunflower oil industrial chain.

Desmet Ballestra’s Sales and Technical executives will be present at the Summit.



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