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"Grupa Azoty Zaklady Chemiczne "Police", a leading Polish integrated manufacturer of chemical products including fertilizer, part of the Grupa Azoty, one of the key European holdings in the chemical sector, has awarded to Desmet Ballestra Italy (DBI) the execution of the basic and detail engineering concerning the revamping of one of the existing Phosphoric Acid production lines in the production facility in Police, Poland.

The contract has been awarded following studies and pilot tests carried out by Grupa Azoty in cooperation with the Technology Licensor, Prayon Technologies S.A., part of Prayon S.A. Group, a world leader in the phosphate sector, for converting an existing Phosphoric Acid production line from the Di-Hydrate (DH) configuration to the Di-Hydrate Attack - Hemi-Hydrate Filtration (DA-HF) configuration.

DBI scope of supply includes the basic and detail engineering and the supply of some critical materials relevant to the adaptation of existing equipment to the new technology.

This is the first industrial application for revamping an existing Phosphoric Acid plant based on DH Technology by using the Prayon DA-HF Technology."

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