Science Behind Technology

March 2016 - Lion Corporation Thailand , a joint venture between the leading Japanese detergent manufacturer Lion Co. and a Thai company, has awarded to Desmet Ballestra (DBI) a contract for the supply of a 10 ton/h Detergent Powder production plant based on the Desmet Ballestra Non Tower Detergent (NTD ) process.

The contract has been awarded to Desmet Ballestra after execution of extensive pilot tests carried out in the DBI pilot plants in Milano (Italy), aimed to test and optimize the performances of the NTD process for the production of the most difficult formulations.

The plant will be installed in the Lion Corporation Thailand factory of Sriracha Thailand. This is the first plant with this technology supplied in South East Asia and constitutes a big achievement for Desmet Ballestra and a recognition of the excellence of the proposed technology.

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