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January 2016 - El Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC), a leading Egyptian fertilizer producer, has awarded to a consortium formed by Desmet Ballestra Italy (DBI) and Petrojet an EPC contract for the supply of a large Merchant Grade and Purified Phosphoric Acid plant. Petrojet is a leading Egyptian EPC Contractor based in Cairo, with outstanding experience and track record in the implementation of chemical and oil& gas projects

The Plant will be part of the new NCIC Fertilizer Complex to be built in Sokhna (Egypt), and will include:

• A plant for the production of phosphoric acid merchant grade, with overall capacity of 1200 ton per day (as 100% P2O5), based on Prayon Mark IV Di-Hydrate technology

• A plant for the production of purified phosphoric acid, technical grade, with overall capacity 300 ton per day (as 100% P2O5), which will include a solvent extraction section based on Outotec new VSF®-X modular technology. The purified acid is then sent to a process unit for fluorine stripping and concentration up to 85%, which is based on KBR-Ecoplanning technology.

• A process unit for the water recovery from the Fluosilicic Acid, based on the MaxR® technology provided by FLSmidth.

DBI scope include execution of basic and detail engineering, supply of imported equipment, supervision to plant construction and management of commissioning and start-up.

This new contract further strengthen the cooperation between NCIC and DBI, who has already supplied to NCIC sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, G-SSP and potassium sulphate plants, installed in Al-Fayoum Fertilizer Complex.

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