Science Behind Technology

To improve our organization, enhance our services to the market, and strengthen our control on operations, Desmet Ballestra Oils & Fats Division has extended to its oleo-chemical and biodiesel product lines the successful business model followed for years for its other product lines: preparation, extraction, refining and fat modification.

From now on, all oleo-chemical & biodiesel inquiries and projects are followed by one of 14 Regional Oils & Fats Engineering Offices. This new organization enables us to be closer to our clients with local resources to adapt our offer to their specific needs, with a strong technology support from our European offices in Brussels & Rome to ensure a world-class reliable technology is always provided for.

Our experts in oleo-chemical and biodiesel technologies, still based in Rome, have been functionally integrated into the Project Management, Process Engineering, R&D & Technical Sales Support departments of the business unit and Oils & Fats Division Center of Excellence located in Brussels.

For any inquiries or support in the area of oleo-chemicals and biodiesel, please feel free to contact your local Desmet Ballestra office.

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