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Desmet Ballestra will be present at HOC 2016 in Toulouse 6-8 September 2016

ToulouseFATSThe High Oleic Oils Congress (HOC) is the only event dedicated to the fast growing high oleic oil market.

High oleic (HO) oil is a niche market with its own codes and unclear rules for new entrants: premium prices for grain and oil, closed contracts between producers and traders, and regular unbalances between supply and demand.

The objective of the congress is to explain the HO oil market from demand to supply. We will describe the current state of the HO oil market and analyze key market topics of direct commercial relevance to industry participants, while giving an overview of the entire value chain.

The congress also provides participants with an excellent opportunity to network with other key players in the HO oils industry. Mr. Jan De Kock, Key Account Manager, Desmet Ballestra be present.

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