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A solution to enhance your existing plant or optimize your new installation. Leading equipment supplier in the field of edible oil processes, the Desmet Ballestra Group presents an improved oil stripping solution for new or existing oil extraction plants. Already in operation in over 60 installations throughout the world, Desmet Ballestra’s Sieve Tray Oil Stripper benefits from an optimized design, to insure both process efficiency and mechanical reliability.

Less steam needed in the stripping process, minimal residual hexane left in crude oil. The Sieve Tray Oil Stripper meets the demands of oilseed crushers who wish to reduce their environmental impact, save energy costs and improve their downstream oil refining.

Amongst the advantages offered by Desmet Ballestra’s Sieve Tray Oil Stripper:

  •  Lower temperature for reduced energy demand
  • Minimal residual hexane in oil
  • Easier tray assembly and cleaning
  • Simpler installation

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