The inauguration of the offices took place and our Managing Director, Mr Frederic Heymans joined us to celebrate.

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Sharing a dynamic, modern working environment is the best way to give the opportunity to all staff to feel comfortable and confident at work. As we all know, we spend a third of the day at work, and sharing a positive atmosphere helps improving employee’s satisfaction, creativity and performance, as well as communication and interaction become a pleasant experience. We pride ourselves with our new offices which are divided into 3 open spaces, each one dedicated to Engineering, Process and Project Departments; 3 meeting rooms called Biodiesel, Fatty Acids and Glycerine; followed by Administration, Operation Managers, Chief Executive, Purchasing and Spare Parts offices; Plotter and printing room and, of course, the Reception.  All furniture is brand new and we also have a nice Gazebo outside as part of a recreational space, in which we can share lunchtime or a brief meeting. As an overall impression, our offices are as bright as our ideas, as passionate as our jobs and fulfilling our expectations in reflecting our vision.