Science Behind Technology

neutrex smThe NEUTREX unit allows to obtain the surfactant paste at very high concentration, without any risk of degradation during the neutralization step and any need of using solvents or hydrotropes during plant start-up.

It is a compact system, based on a proprietary neutralization reactor of special design, which allows obtaining an extremely homogeneous product with low consumption of energy.

The heat of reaction is removed in a loop, composed of a high efficiency cooler and a recycle pump designed for high viscosity.

The product pH is continuously detected and automatically adjusted by acting on the neutralizing agent proportioning, so to safeguard the chemical properties of the surfactant

A final mixer allows the in-line buffering (controlled by means of an additional pH-meter) and the addition of other ingredients (e.g. preservatives) according to the final application recipe.

The main features of the proposed unit are:

  • High shear mixers of Desmet Ballestra proprietary design, ensuring intimate mixing of reactants even at high concentration conditions

  • Accurate control of the temperature profile in the loop thanks to the high recycling rate and the low pressure drop cooler so to prevent any risk of product degradation

  • Easy in-line transition from low concentration (27-30%) to high concentration (70-75%) paste production

  • Accurate control of free alkalinity