Continuous improvement of existing processes

We keep up with the evolving requirements of chemical manufacturers and governmental regulatory agencies in order to ensure that our process technologies respond to changes in the economic, technical and environmental needs of our clients.

New technologies

We have used our resources, capability and experience to continuously develop new applications and new technologies for the production of surfactants, detergents and chemical products.

Through our proprietary research and licensing agreements with  technologically advanced suppliers, Desmet Ballestra opens new profitable  business opportunities, such as a full range of chemical processes directly connected with the detergent industry.

Client support

Desmet Ballestra works together with its clients on the basis of strict confidentiality to help them with new ideas, from initial laboratory development to pilot-scale tests.

Desmet Ballestra also supports its clients during commercial operation, provides special plants and gives the possibility to improve technology and to increase capacity following market developments.

Pilot Plants

Test of new / specific raw materials

Production of semi-industrial samples for application study

Client support and data transfer for industrial operations with new raw materials.

pilote plants