The Desmet Ballestra's head office for the Detergent, Surfactant and Chemical activities is in Milan (Italy). Desmet Ballestra has proprietary technologies in many areas of the organic and inorganic chemical industry. Its unique skill and experience in the design and supply of plants cover a wide range of requirements, such as:

  • Production of formulated detergents, surfactants (Anionic, Non-ionic, Cationic and Amphoteric), auxiliaries, raw materials for the Detergent Industry (silicates, zeolites, LAB etc.), and several other specialty sulphonates (heavy alkylates, additives for lubricant oils, concrete plasticizers, etc.) and alkoxylates (Polyethers, polyols, PEGs, etc.).
  • Production of Sulphuric acid, Phosphoric acid, N-P-K granulated compounds, SSP, TSP, Potassium Sulphate and other phosphate-based fertilizers etc.

Since the beginning of its operation in 1960 under the name of Ballestra, Desmet Ballestra has focused on the design and supply of modern, efficient and easy-to-operate production plants for sulphonation and detergents production. Amongst the major innovations introduced by Ballestra: the use of gaseous SO3 (vs. oleum) as a sulphonation agent and the process optimization of anionic surfactants production, reaching yield and product quality never achieved before. Alkoxylation technology based on Enhanced Loop Reactor is the most recent addition to Desmet Ballestra innovation in the surfactants field.

Through continuous technological development, supported by a dedicated R&D Team, Desmet Ballestra has built up and consolidated its leading position in the surfactants and detergents sector with 1,500 plants spread over 120 countries.

Additionally, over the last 15 years, through leverage on its process technology know-how and permanent licensing agreement for world-class technologies, Desmet Ballestra has also become a reputable player in the field of Inorganic Chemicals and Fertilizers industry for the design and supply of specific industrial units: sulphuric acid production plants (DuPont MECS technology), phosphoric acid production plants (Prayon technology), sulphur-based fertilizers (SOP) and other phosphoric based fertilizers (SSP, TSP, NPK fertilizers) production plants.

Desmet Ballestra has a dedicated After Sales Team to support Detergents, Surfactants & Chemicals customers operation worldwide. After Sales Services include supply of spare parts, technical assistance during planned maintenance, operators training, remote software support, diagnostics and troubleshooting.